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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Thanks for everyone's words of encouragement. (and boycott of Wal-Mart). I am trying each day to see the bright side but somedays its really tough. From everything the Army did to us it feels like the biggest slap in the face to serve your country, for what? We served right along side Dave. We moved around. We waited long hours for him while he was away, we lived in substandard housing. All in the name of serving our country. Now Dave is broken and will never be the same. We get doors closed with every turn. A different answer every time we talk to the VA. He has been waiting for over 5 weeks for an appointment just to see the hand specialist. Still they have not even looked at the referal never mind get him an appointment. HIs hand gets worse. We wait. The answers we get are "Well you'll get back-paid" or "Don't push too hard or your claim will get pushed to the bottom of the pile". This is how our veterans are treated. We are not alone However Dave was forced out while still broken. They knew the surgery had failed and still put him out. He was told to get the next surgery at the VA and not there. More ordered than told. He was enlisted and we were not able to fight the system anymore. Ellen, you made a great suggestion. I would love our story be told. Then I start to think that they won't want to tell it. That many people out there are going through tough times and what makes ours worth telling. I can say that we were treated horribly by the Army. No regard for having a child with so many medical problems. (In fact we were given just 6 months medical insurance. After that we are on our own.) Dave still can't work and I can't go to work full-time and leave them all day. He applied for social security disability benefits because his injuries will take over 12 months to fix. But of course that takes 4 months or more to maybe get. But I am not counting on it. Its a government agency after all. We are surviving on 247.00 a week from unemployment and living off his severance pay. I am greatful for that but the severance pay is a real shaft to veterans. He got this pay from the army due to being put out. However once his claim from the VA is approved he has to pay back the severance because the government considers it "double-dipping" What a bogus concept. Dave would have gone for his 20 years and gotten pension and full benefits etc. Because they screwed up he was put out early. Therefore the severance should be just that/ But once he gets a VA claim they say the money was actually for his injuries so it has to be paid back. Nice huh!!! I would just get a job to support us all but I haven't worked in many years. I am paralyzed with fear to leave them too much as it is. We are in a new home that we are not adjusting well to. I am not liking it here at all but we cannot afford to move. I feel horrible for the girls because we desperately want to find a good home for them and settle down for good. The money from the severance that I hoped could be soaked away for a home someday will be eaten up just to live on. Our Disney tickets were the bright spot for the girls in all of this. We can escape the world and go there for a day.

Well if anyone has any suggestions of contacting a news show or similiar I am all ears. Ellen suggested us telling our story but I don't know where I would tell it or if anyone would care. Is it so wrong to just want to settle down as a family and have our lives back again?

Thank you all for listening (reading) my self-pity bitch fest. Maybe its PMS talking. I will just try to gather up our family for another day of "looking on the bright side" Lately that has been that Dave made it out of the army alive and is not in Iraq right now. That is a lot to be happy about!


  • At 6:39 AM HST, Blogger Shannon said…

    I think you have a lot to bitch about. And I admire the way you look to the bright things...I noticed that quite a while ago several posts back :)

    Try writing your story (even this post) to the newspaper editor. I guarantee they'll print it.

    As for a news program, try going online and find the website for local TV stations. They typically have a number to call for various types of stories.

  • At 4:57 PM HST, Blogger Vivian said…

    Have you seen this? WWW.Woundedwarriorproject.com
    It is worth checking out, it may be a place to start.

  • At 6:38 PM HST, Blogger Ellen said…

    I think a newspaper like THE WASHINGTON POST would be most appropriate! That's the one our government officials may actually look to read.


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