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Friday, May 19, 2006

Great news for once..........

We went to the new Endo today. What a nice guy! We are now part of the Nemours Children's Endo Clinic. They were great. First they checked her HBA1c right there. Too cool. We always had to go for a blood test. She was 7.6. A bit higher than in March when it was 7.2 but then again she was sick a couple weeks ago. Anyway, the doctor sees us and he is soooooo nice. Really great bedside manner with Carylanne. He is happy with her overall numbers and care. Then he explains how the clinic works. 24/7 coverage whenever we need to reach someone. There are 3 doctors there. Then there are CDE's and a dietician all on staff. The whole thing about keeping her out of the ER and calling them first for anything. Great!!! Then he tells us IF she ever needs the ER which one they trust etc. Big relief to know what I would need to do. So the CDE comes in and talks with us. Offers some suggestions and gives us some new sets to try with her. It ws suggested that we see the dietician as we never have been able to and she is gaining weight a little too easily. The dietician is a Type 1 himself who wears the same pump as Carylanne. So great! We see him on our next visit. Carylanne was very happy with her new doctor. Me too. They didn't even scold me for not keeping good records. We download our meter but I know I should be better at writing things down too. But they are happy with 7.6 so they aren't too pushy. So this was just a great relief.

Then I must say that all your good thoughts and prayers have paid off this week so much.

First on Monday we get to see a hand specialist and finally Dave will get his surgery. Surgery is not usually a great thing but he has been in so much pain and cannot work with his hand like it is. Now we will know for sure what use he will end up with, ending our speculation at what job he will be capable of. Plus it should end this terrible pain. At least that is the doctor's goal. The insurance actually appoved the surgery within 2 days and it is confirmed. WOW they never work that quick.

Then Tues as you all know I got my dream job back. Yeah!

Wed was not too good. Dave had an appointment at the VA. Always stressful. Plus he was in more pain this week due to being prodded on Monday.

So Thurs we went to Disney. Our answer and escape these days. We had a great time and got to see things we always miss. Like Cinderellabration. Dave really would like to get a full-time job at Disney when he is better. They do not pay as much as some companies BUT the benefits are worth a lot. Plus we found out they have great healthcare. I think that is why their payscales "seems" low. It really isn't when you add in great benefits.

So we come to Friday and get to meet this great doctor. The week is going really well. Finally things are looking up.

Then they get a little better. You see we were never paid properly from the army for our mileage home. We sent in the paperwork twice and they sent it back to us asking for more info. We were getting so frustrated as we were expecting about 1000.00. Well we get home this afternoon to an email stating that we are being paid 2007.00 and should have it deposited by tomorrow! WOW!!!!! They owed us for mileage but also for travel expenses that we figured we never see and had settled that at least getting the mileage would be great. Oh Boy what a relief. That helps us continue on living on our savings and my part-time pay. He will lose unemployment for 4 weeks during his recovery. (we would have gotten paid by the VA for that time BUT we cannot keep waiting for them to schedule him to see a hand specialist. It has been since March and still the doctor hasn't looked at the referral. Anyway he can't keep waiting. The damage is getting worse the more time goes on. We will try to get paid disability from them once his claim is processed. BUT I won't hold my breath.)

So things are looking up for us a great deal. Tomorrow we will be at MGM for Star Wars weekends. The girls want to meet Jedi Mickey plus the actor who plays Chewbacca among others. Real cool.

Thanks to everyone for their prayers and encouragement. I will have a glass of wine tonight and savor the new feeling of things going right for once!


  • At 1:55 PM HST, Blogger Shannon said…

    This post has really made my day...in fact my weekend.

    I'm so, so happy that your luck has finally turned around.

    Now all that needs to happen is for Dave to have a pain-free hand, and hopefully a functioning one too!

    I just had some Limoncello to soothe my nerves....wine sounds nice too :)

  • At 4:48 PM HST, Blogger Angie said…

    what pump is carlyanne on? My daughter is on the 515. minimed.


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