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Sunday, May 07, 2006

An Extreme Act of Kindness

This is a story that if it didn't happen to me I may not beleive it. Last week while shopping at Joann Fabrics we began to chat with a few people over at the embroidery machines. We had set out for a ride to explore new areas and have been trying to find things for our new apartment. That days venture brought us to JoAnn's to search for fabric for kitchen curtains. Mickey Mouse (found the perfect material). As I was getting it cut Dave was looking at the machines and chatting to an older couple. We have wanted to get one for a long time. Mainly because we have talked about starting our own business and have gotten set up on EBay when we were still in Hawaii. Anyway this woman began chatting with me and wanted to show me what she had made. It was a beautiful clock and the background was all embroidered. As we were looking at the machines and the girls were chatting with this nice woman Dave commented that he would love to get me one soon. But not one quite as expensive as everyone was admiring. A Brother most likely.

So this nice woman turns to me and says, "I have a deal for you".


So she takes me a bit aside and tells me that if we come pick it up, she has a new Brother that is ours. I'm thinking this is a joke or a set up. I am even leary of sweet old ladies. She states she got it and never uses it because she has a bigger one. She had been waiting for someone to give it to that she felt wuold enjoy it and use it.

WOW!!! So she gives us directions to her house. Then says she is leaving now for home and we can just follow her and get it then.

So we followed her home. Visited a little. She was a wonderfully generous woman. We offered her $$ twice and she would not take it. She gave us a new Brother embroidery machine with several pattern cartridges. Its a DISNEY machine. Too cool!!! She also gave me a craft case adn the girls a smoothy machine. She had been clearing our her home. She lives alone and had no family down here. What she gave us was worth over 1,000 $$$.

Well I was speechless. I have never run across such a nice woman. We told her that if she needed anything to please call and let us repay her kindness.

So now I can create things with my new machine. Make nice shirts and embroider everything the girls have!!! We haven't gotten to make too much this week but will have that as a new hobby and/or business in the near future.

I am still amazed at the whole thing. There is a true silver lining somedays!!!


  • At 6:18 AM HST, Blogger julia said…

    Wow. See, people do lovely things like that and it sort of restores my faith in human kind. Only a little, I'm still basically of the opinion that people in general suck, but sometimes they don't. Sometimes they're just fantastic.

  • At 1:06 PM HST, Blogger pebbles said…

    Hi I too have a 9 year old with diabetes!

  • At 10:12 AM HST, Blogger Nicole P said…

    You know what they say.

    Pay it Forward!



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