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Saturday, April 01, 2006

New Doctors

Well yesterday we took the girls to their new pediatrician. Ever find a good doctor but the staff s##$!!! Well first we get there and fill out gobbs of paperwork. Usual procedure. Then have to witness cat figths amongst the staff. Boy an incredible group of proffessionals this was. Then one of the Assisistants asks me about Christianne's shots. She proceeds to tell me she is not up to date and will be getting some shots today. To which I respond. "No she isn't". So this woman flips the chart on the countr in front of me and says"well then she isn't getting a physical then" she turns to walk away as I tell her "We'll just see what the doctor says". As I say this the other woman tells her. It's no problem because they're Tri-care anyway. Then tells me "we don't immunize tri-care patients because Tri-Care doesn't pay us enough" Yep serve your country for this! I will be putting in a complaint to Tri-Care. You see Tri-Care makes a contract with the doctor or hospital etc. they agree to be paid a certain amount. thats it. They can't ask for money from us as we have no co-pay. So to get around it they are refusing the service. So I will be letting Tri-care know of this little breach of contract. So then we find out that the receptionist who copied the shot records doesn't evidentally know how to use a copy machine. The records were cut off. They are up-to-date. Just like I said! I wasn't blindly letting them give another shot until I got to the bottom of it which I explained. Well the snotty woman ended up apologizing. I think she got the gist that I wasn't going to take it and she shouldn't mess with me.

So we get the physicals started. They even check the urine. Do you know your daughter has sugar in her urine. Well DAH she has Type 1 diabetes. No keotone right? Well thats fine then. We finally meet the doctor. She's fine. Nice enough. Not too bubbly but that is ok. She is thorough and gives me all the prescriptions I need. Now I have what I need for the next 6 months and the referral to the new endo. She wasn't too up on what the HBA1C should be and was the one who asked about sugar in the urine. Not too sure about sugar numbers but hey she isn't the specialist.

I got Carylanne into the Neumour Children's Clinic in Orlando in May Soonest I could get was May 19. I was told by the peds doctor that I was lucky to get in that soon. It is a diabetes program though with nurse practitioners and everything. WOW actually diabetes support system. They are on staff at Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital. It's supposed to be a good hospital. Hopefully we never need it!

Now I can get everything filled and hold on til May. They drew blood for the HBA1c yesterday. I expect this one to suck. With being on the road and the stress of moving, I am expecting and 8.5 or higher. I pray I am wrong though. Her numbers these last couple weeks are horrible. I am tweeking basals and carb ratios, checking early morning and finding her at 5m to be 304 or higher. ARRGGHH!!! I know she is in a growth spurt but this is very annoying. 3 weeks ago we had low problems. Then she totally changes gears and starts going high. I am going to change out today and try different insulin. It's got to be more than a growth spurt. She is up to .95 units during pre-dawn and nearly as much for her basals the rest of the day. And she is not being a couch potato. I am hoping we are not experiencing insulin resistance at this age.

Well time to do her shower and change out. Let's hope we get somewhere the new few days. I hate not being able to get ahold of these numbers.


  • At 4:39 PM HST, Blogger BetterCell said…

    Hello Supermom......I have had the same experience, great/good Doctor but lousy/incompetent/unprofessional staff who should not be working in any area of Healthcare. What I do is always tell the Physician about his staff. Most Physicians are so busy seeing patients, that they actually do not know what is going on with their staff unless the patients tell them. I have had Healthcare experience in the past and have seen all the crap that should ot be there. That is why I got out of it and went into the Food Business. By the way, Arnold Palmer Childrens Hospital is a very good facility. I am glad that your daughter will be seeing more competent and reliable people to care for her Diabetes. Check my Blog out, you will find lots of support....bettercell@blogspot.com


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