Butterfly Kisses & Bedtime Prayers

"Butterfly Kisses after bedtime prayer. Stickn' little white flowers all up in her hair. Oh with all that I've done wrong, I must have done something right. To deserve a hug every morning and butterfly kisses at night". *** For parents of children with diabetes and adults who are living with Type 1 diabetes. We are looking to share stories, ideas, concerns, and laughter.***

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

We're home finally!

Long journey ended we are now home in Florida. It was fun but I am so glad to be home. Now the real work begins. Unpacking is just a small part. We have doctors to secure, jobs, VA claims, surgery for Dave. Just so much its all hard to think of. I may be out on my balcony more than I imagined.

It was nice to visit our families BUT we have been away for a long time. It is hard to go back. Rhode Island defnately was no longer home. Being in the house for 10 days with my parents was nice but rough. Beleive it or not they go to bed way too late!!! We are so sleep deprived. For senior citizens they sure need an earlier bed time. The girls got to see both sets of grandparents. Now they are set for awhile.

Well home to reality. We will plough through each "task" until we are truly settled. #1 on list. Go to grocery store.... Need food, paper goods, BOTTLE of WINE (most important).....

Through all this we found diabetes didn't slow us or Carylanne a bit. We had a few days with the ups and downs of high numbers. But no real lows and no terrible highs. But lots of fun and memories. That is what matters most!

Thursday, February 23, 2006


We made it!! I finally have use of a computer to post this. Sunday Feb 12 we drove into Florida. What a great relief. Seeing the country was fabulous, but seeing WELCOME TO FLORIDA topped it all.

We are so happy with the apartment. Brand new everything and the town is really nice. We aren't quite through with all we have to do but boy have we come a long way. The girls are thrilled. They love the way the apartment looks and the community. We checked out the area until moving in on the 14th. One night in the apartment and we were off again. We drove to Rhode Island (which is where we are now until Sunday). It was a good idea to visit grandparents until our household goods were ready to arrive. I am happy to say they are in Florida and being delivered on the 2nd. So things are coming together. Once we can set up our home we can settle in. My balcony is awesome. I can't wait to live out my daydream from Hawaii of sitting on my balcony, sipping tea (or a bahama mama) and reading a good book! We even got an end unit apartment how cool is that!

Carylanne has done great through all this. Some high numbers here in Rhode Island but with everything its been mostly good.

So now we visit until Sunday and then off for 1 more long ride. Lots of work ahead with unpacking, setting up pur new home and getting hubby taken care of. It feels like we are almost at the end of a very long tunnel and have found our way out. Can't wait to really start living like a Floridian!!!

Oh by the way..... We are absolutely FREEZING up here!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2006


With 2,182 miles behind us we are almost to Florida. YIPPEE!! Two days of straight driving has left us all a little stiff but later today we should finally cross into Florida by way of Route 10. We will still have one more day until we get to central Florida but hey I'll take FLORIDA WELCOMES YOU by way of any town by now.

Carylanne's numbers have been really good since we realized that her basals needed a boost. One day of bad numbers had us scratching our heads. Then a change of sites and figuring that the inactivity of the car ride was also to blame and we were back in the 100's again. No lows. no highs AKA a perfect numbers day! I love those. Nothing under 100 nothing over 160. Can't ask for better. Now if we could just win the battle of the dry skin and chaffing!!

Some things we had totaly forgotten about in Hawaii. Dry Skin.... Haven't had that in 3 years. My girls are chaffing and Christianne's hands are red. I need stock in Lubriderm!
Static electricity. Doesn't exist on Oahu so we had forgotten about it. The girls are not enjoying it. NOt eventhe fact that they can zap each other at the drop of a hat. Hey I loved that when I was a kid.

We nearly saw snow yesterday but decided it was too soon for that a detoured around it by way of dropping south into Dallas and Louisiana. Now today we will drive south east and enjoy the scenery. Maybe some good southern cooking and just be excited about the destination. (a thing lost in the last couple days with so much driving and boredom!)Hope you all have a good weekend!!!!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Our grand adventure continues on with new stops this week. Monday we headed off to Vegas. Driving through the Mojave desert the girls were watching Brother Bear. The song "tell everybody I'm on my way, new friends and new places to see" seemed to say it all for our new life. It just doesn't seem like it is us this is happening to. Like watching it on tv or reading about it. Moving somewhere new to start a whole new life, meet new people, new jobs. But it really is us and we have waited for a long time for this.

Well we arrived in Las Vegas at 4 pm. Very glitzy but not our kind of town. We stayed right on the strip at a nice hotel. The Flamingo. It had a fabulous buffet which for us was heavenly as we have not had many of those foods in over 3 years. We don't gamble and of course have the kids with us so there wasn't too much to do. Tuesday we went to Hoover Dam. Very nice scenery. Today we set off to Flagstaff AZ which is where I am coming to you from now. After dropping our things at the hotel we drove up to the Grand Canyon! How breathtaking! We got to see it at sunset. Then we saw deer and elk on the drive back. The girls thought that was so cool.

Carylanne's numbers are doing very well. A few highs in the 300 range but I did an early change out and we were back on track. I think with all the excitement and driving we are doing fairly well. The fridge we got for her insulin is working great!! It is a mini-fridge. It can't freeze the insulin as it doesn't get that cold. But it gets to 40 degrees and is working out great. I had one comment about letting the insulin get warm. I was told that if it is at room temp then it is good for a month. Let's face it once its in the pump it warms up and is good for the 3 days or so. But I have 6 vials on me and don't want it all to get warm. But thanks to Bethany for the advice. I have let one vial at a time go to room temp when she was on shots and it worked as good as her cold insulin. The fridges in the hotels are touchy and can freeze your stuff easily. We put the insulin in the door away from the back of the fridge where is is the coldest. But now that I have our own liitle portable fridge we are all set without needing in room ones.

Tomorrow we hit the road and DRIVE. David is tired of the in and out of hotels and wants to get some miles behind us. I am ready for that too. I want to get to Florida soon. We get our apartment next wed and then can head to Rhode Island. We haven't been there in 4 years and it will be great to see my parents again.

I have learned on this trip and hopefully taught my daughters that we can manage and do anything. Diabetes or not, nothing should get in the way if you want something. We have waited a long time for this and it hardly seems real. To be going to Florida finally and be civilians seems like a dream. Well Dave is doing laundry so I could get the girls off to bed. He really is one of the great ones!

Sunday, February 05, 2006


We survived 3 days in Disney! Disney Land has been great. Especially Carylanne's BG numbers. So far we haven't had any lows despite tons of walking. Her joints are doing great and she has been able to do all the walking without assistance. A miracle in itself from how she was a year ago! We spent all day Friday and Saturday in the parks. They went on their first rollar coaster ride with Daddy. Mom doesn't do rollar coasters anymore. I used to go on them all but somehow in the last couple yeas I became my mother and stopped being able to tolerate them. I used to think she was so OLD for not going on them. How terrible to now be that OLD mother!

Friday we saw the Remember the Magic parade. Christianne cried though the whole thing because she was so happy! She got to see Tinker Bell at the head of the parade which is her absolute favorite! Saturday we surprised the girls with lunch at Ariel's Grotto. This is a special luncheon with Ariel and all her friends. They "met" Snow White, Cindarella, Belle, Jasmine, and Ariel. Talk about starstruck. We saw the best fire works over the castle at night. What a spectacuar time. In case you cannot tell by my enthusiam over Disney or by our choice of new homes, we are total Disney fanatics. A great part of our wardrobes is Disney as well as my home. Luckily my husband shares my enthusiasm with all things Disney. He is totally Grumpy, right down to the tattoo of Grumpy on his leg. I love all Disney but especially POOH who is tattooed on my leg. My girls love all things Disney of course. I intend to get my job back when we are settled in Florida.

Today we went to Hollywood. How cool to see the Hollywood sign set up in the hills. We went to Citywalk in Universal Studios. It all just doesn't seem real to be on the mainland and on this vacation. For a family originally from RI we have been a real long way!!

Tomorrow we are on to Vegas for 2 nights. While we won't be gambling I hear there are shows etc for us to see and Hoover Dam. Then we will head to Flagstaff and so on.

All along this trip our greatest concern has been of course Carylanne's diabetes. Mostly keeping her insulin cold. My husband designed an awesome cooler that kept it cold with gel packs for 12 hours while we were on the plane. Now we have purchased a small electronic refrigerator, found at wal-mart. It runs off the cigarette lighter in the van as well as regular power in the room. It keeps things cold to 40 degrees. So far it is nice and cold and ready to be tested out tomorrow on our drive to Las Vegas. I may love this thing. Especially living in Florida. If we lose power we can plug it in in the van and keep her insulin cool through a storm.

Well that's it on on adventure thus far. Aside from all living in a hotel room for nearly 2 weeks it is going great. I am so pleased that the girls are having fun and that Carylanne's numbers are so good. I know she may have a higher HBA1C after this but in all I couldn't be happier. Time for Bedtime prayers and sweet dreams of our continued adventure.......

Thursday, February 02, 2006


We are finally on the road! My computer got packed before I could even post that we had movers coming. That was an experience I would love to forget. They packed and moved our belongings in one day leaving us in an empty apartment, sleeping on cardboard boxes for a night until we could clear housing the next day. My poor husband's back! Our neighbor gave us an air mattress that my husband lovingly gave to the girls and I however the air went out of it after an hour. Once we cleared housing and tried to put our things in my car we found out we had much more than a compact car could hold. It was also pouring rain throughout all this. So we leave some things at a neighbor's house, pack the car beyond capacity and head to the base. I have never been so tired. Once we got into the base hotel things got much better. We got some much needed sleep and things began to fall into place. Until the weekend when Christianne got sick. Of course I got it by Monday and yes Carylanne by Tues night. Nothing like flying with stuffy noses and coughing up lungs! Well Wednesday went off well. We left Honolulu at 2:05 and arrived in LA at 9pm. The hotel I booked for 1 night was horrid. It smelled like urine. Also not in the best part of town. Although reviews on the net said it was a good place. Yeah right when my husband who is trained in combat is nervous it is a problem. This morning we checked out, rented a car and went to get our van. Sounds easy right?? Only I had to drive it behind hubby in the rental from Long Beach to Anaheim. Did I ever mention I don't drive much??? Plus I have been living on an island for 3 years and before that out in the country. So here I am driving on the California highways. So my nerves are shot!!! We are now in a nice hotel outside of Disneyland. In fact we can walk right into the park and will do so tomorrow. My girls are so excited. It is so weird how different Disneyland is to Disney World. Carylanne's sugars have actually not been too bad. Her cold is getting better. It's just a lingering cough now. The time change messed up the schedule a bit. But we are trying to get back on schedule. At least the first time change was only 2 hours. NOw it will be 1 hour at a time to the east coast. Monday we head to Vegas for 2 nights. The girls are getting the lesson of a lifetime!!! Well time for a much needed rest. Tomorrow we can all be children and see Mickey and all our friends.... Will keep you all updated as my computer is available For now BYE from THE JOUBERT'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE!!!!