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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Moving Right Along

Made it through oral surgery yesterday. Boy did that suck!! Still does, my mouth is killing me. Not to mention not wanting to see the gaping hole now in the back of my mouth. Will definately be getting a bridge when we have insurance again. Luckily it is in the back. It took so much tugging to remove the tooth I thought he was going to break my jaw. Well that sent my heart racing and I was so shaky when it was all over I just wanted to cry. But I couldn't in front of the kids. So I had to "suck it up and drive on". Then I went to Vicadin world so it was a bit better. I would still like to be in Vicadin world today but I have to drive later. I'll take a visit there tonight.
In the continuing saga of our move we are finally making progress. The movers will be coming in 2 weeks. Luckily we planned ahead and have already begun packing, our way, and will have 1 last yard sale on Sat. Planning ahead though does not take the stress out of it all. I have to say first that your positive comments and suggestions are truly giving me strength for this. In our last move it was again cyber-buddies from CWD that helped me get through it all. In reflecting on how much we have gone through to gather strength for this I found myself making a list of those things which we have already overcome. They are many. My husband and I have had it tough over the years But we remained strong and together and in these times that is half the battle. Especially for a marriage which was never supposed to work. I will bore you with my list. Not for sympathy but mainly because maybe if I see it in print it will seem less daunting and more like someone else's life.

Up until 2000 we had had our share of troubles and triumphs. But in 2000 we made the decision to start a new life. We tried in Florida but things fell through. It was a horrible time for us. We ended up homeless due to a tragic instance of trusting someone who said they wanted to help us then changed their mind. So Dave went into the active Army. He had been National Guard for 13 years and we had talked about the Army as a back-up plan for a long time. So with two toddlers in tow we headed to FT Drum. This was a tough life in the beginning. We were not used to being told what to do all the time. (he was the soldier but I had to live by the army's rules too. They are totally into your business).
In August 2000 Dave got hurt. We knew his hand had to be broken but they wouldn't do an x-ray. So he had to deploy for training and do everything he normally would but in a great deal of pain. Finally in Jan 2001 they did an x-ray. Yep broken and now destroyed. We were sent to Walter Reed to the specialist. This was cool because I always wanted to go to Washington DC. So the girls and I tagged along. We went a total of 13 times in the next year and a half. Enough to see all the monuments and the Smithsonian. So this was a good thing from a bad.

9/11/2001 we were in DC and staying at Walter Reed. Dave had had surgery 4 days prior and we were planning to go to the Pentagon that morning. It was the only place we hadn't seen and he was feeling up to going out for awhile. What delayed us is a change of appointment with the specialist to check his progress. I think it was more divine intervention. As we were getting ready we had on the news and saw live as the second plane hit the towers. Just as I was saying that I suddenly didn't feel so safe in DC and hubby was replying it will be fine, The Pentagon was hit. We were a ways away but could see the flames burting up int he sky. From then on chaos broke out. We were in lock down on base as the wounded were sent there. Dave's cast was changed and we were released to go home. But we had to wait until next day. No one at first knew where the 4th plane was and being on an army base didn't feel so safe at that point. Next day we drove back to NY. It was a sad and somber day. Signs at every over pass. The base we left was not the one we came back to. With tanks at the gates and soldiers locked and loaded. I watched my husband pack one handed to get ready to go to war. His unit was on stand-by but did not go right then. More prayers answered.
Over the next months Dave healed. Friends went off to war.
On June 7, 2002 Carylanne was diagnosed with Diabetes and Hypothyroidism.
Sept 5, 2002 we went to Walter Reed for Carylanne for terrble joint pain. She was diagnosed with Enthesopahy.
Nov 2002 we moved to Ft Polk, Louisiana. We were barely there. They did not have medical facilities to treat Carylanne. Her diagnoses would have prevented us from going there had the orders been cut after the diagnoses. NOw stuck waiting for a reassignment, Carylanne was getting sicker. I was trying to take care of her diabetes but did not have all the knowledge yet. I got that from CWD and all the wonderful parents there. I learned to Carb count really quick and figure out dosing. Her doctors in NY had still had us calling in her numbers and giving us the dosage info. Carylanne got sick and we had to go to the ER. The doctor was horrible and treated us terribly. She was getting chest pains and they thought it could be her heart. (turned out to be acid reflux disease) I had finally had enough. I went to bat to fight for my family. I did something that still boggles many minds in the army even Now. I sent an email to the Commanding General of the base. I explained my grave concern for my daughter's health while they dragged their feet with our paperwork. He contacted my house PERSONALLY. He called a meeting with my husband's entire chain of command and the hospital chain of command. I had to speak at the meeting. Here were 20 men all on the hot seat and some about to lose their positions for the treatment we were receiving. The General personally handled our transfer. It was determined that Hawaii would be the best place for us. So in a whirlwind move that I barely remember we came to Hawaii.
The doctors here were not as good as we were led to believe but I fought for her treatment right up to this year. I found her a great doctor and fought the army to pay for it. I found her physical therapy for her joints. I got her on the pump when the army doctor wanted us to wait. (due to her not wanting the resposibility, not us) It has been an uphill battle most days. Then all this with Dave's health. We have always felt we were fighting for something or another. Some of Dave's Commanders and bosses have been good. Others just horrible. We never asked for speial treatment and when the unit deployed last year, Dave was left behind due to work reasons and being needed here. But many didn't see it that way. They "thought" he was getting special treatment. Well that didn't lead to many friends or support. All the meanwhile trying to make sure my daughter Christianne is not being left out or forgotten.

Well I think I need to approach all this now as a big relief. It is actually. We have new worries. JObs, health insurance after Sept. BUt we have survived so far. I tell the girls often that our prayers really are answered. Not always in the way we think they should be but God does watch over us. Going to Florida has been 6 years in the making. We have learned and seen a lot along the way. I am excited to get there and will savor the moments. I can picture sitting on my balcony and looking back on all this. Until then I will take a deep breath, suck it up and drive on!

Thanks for all your support and kind words. It really helps!!!!


  • At 3:58 PM HST, Blogger Vivian said…

    You have been through so much, you have been the anchor for your family, strong and steadfast. I really hope your husband understands what a gem he has. Keep up the great work. Bravo!! Clap, Clap, Clap. You go girl!!=)


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