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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Almost nearly there

Well it's a new week and we are getting things done. Hubby is "Clearing Base". A term in the army which means, "drive the soldier completely insane, making him/her drive to every conceivable service and or service available to see if he/she/or a family member owes money to or has borrowed anything from them. AKA library service/PX Commissary/outdoor recreation" Then the unit clearing making sure you have not left any loose ends. Sounds logical right. Not when those who have to clear you don't particuliarly want to so they make life hard. THEN you make moving arrangements but are told "oh this is just tentative. Call 5 days prior to make sure, otherwise we could change your pick-up days to half past who cares." Then i love the "you have to clear housing and be totally moved out before you can be signed off base, BUT we will take several days after you clear to do that, which time you must stay in a hotel at your expense." In Hawaii no less. Like that comes cheap. Way more than our housing allowance and more than paying the enourmous rent we have been paying. Then finally you clear finance. That is when you finally get to find out what they are paying, what you are paying and when you get your money. Which is always right after they get theirs. Nothing comes easy in this. But each night we collect our sanity for another day.

But if all the tentative plans come together we will have our household goods packed and picked up next week. Move into a hotel on Wednesday night and finish this painful process. If all that goes according to plan our plane leaves Honolulu Feb 1. Please keep all your collective fingers crossed. OK!?

Meanwhile the girls are just beside themselves with joy. I am sure this is not the normal reaction of leaving Hawaii. They have planned out their days in Disneyland to the letter. They have given Grandma their food lists for that portion of our trip. I think they are covered. Of course they have no recollection of a long road trip. This should be good. They are already forbidden to utter those 4 annoying words "are we there yet?" for the duration. That will be my job. Although with new tougher standards on flights I know I cannot ring the flight attendant every 5 minutes to ask this question. But I can ask Hubby across 6000 miles. (I like to see that little vein in his head bulge and turn purple). Seriously we are planning to drive 6000 miles in total. A concept that some find crazy. I find it freeing and liberating.

Meanwhile in my mind I am sitting in my new home, sipping ice tea on my balcony. Hubby is at his new job, kids are playing in their room, and I am reading a good book. Sounds like a good fantasy. Until then I better go pack up some more stuff, get ready to go ship our van and try not go insane until then.


  • At 6:49 PM HST, Blogger Vivian said…

    And to think I found it difficult to move my family from CO to TN. lol My heart goes out to ya and my prayers too. If you can't stand to live in the moment at least enjoy living in the fantasy in your head. =)

  • At 5:12 AM HST, Blogger julia said…

    Good luck on that drive! I'm envying your balcony and your iced tea and your solitary book-reading time, even if they are just fantasies right now.

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  • At 9:08 AM HST, Anonymous Lose weight now said…

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