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Monday, January 09, 2006

7.8 and the end of a great Endo (sob!)

Today was our last appointment with Carylanne's endo. He was so great. It is like saying good-bye to a trusted friend. We started going to him 2 years ago. (After a great deal of fighting with the army for a civilian doctor). He has been great. He got Carylanne on the pump. Really helpful with everything and we learned a lot from him. He was great in teaching us a whole bunch so we would be confident and not feel dependant on a doctor for every answer etc. Her latest HBA1C 7.8. Not bad. I would have liked it a bit lower in the 7's but with the holidays and stress of the impending move I will take 7.8. Her thyroid is holding steady without needing a bigger dose of the synthroid. So that was good too. I think we have all our supplies and everything planned out well for the big move. Went over it all with doctor today. Luckily I can call him until we get situated in Florida.

Got a call over the weekend that our apartment has been released from the contractors and could be ready for move-in by Feb 11. We chose Feb 15 to give us time to travel. I sent out the deposit immediately so we are all set. Will have the lease signed and sent out this week as well. At least that is all coming together.

We should finally have our orders tomorrow, unless they find another reason to hold them up. We haven't been able to schedule movers or shipping of our vehicles without them. Once tomorrow hits we will really be off running. We have movers to schedule, cars to ship, reservations for hotels to make. Plane tickets to get. I am dizzy from thinking of it all. Think tonight I will have a beer and relax before it all hits!!! But it will have to be on the warm side. You see in our life we are like EEYORE. Something always has to go wrong. Last week it was my tooth. It seems I ate a killer M & M. I cracked my back tooth in an unusual way, according to the dentist and tomorrow afternoon amist all this confusion I have to go to the oral surgeon to have it removed. It has been killing me for over a week. This was horrible timing mostly because hubby has to get out of work too take the girls and he needs to be able to make all these arrangements. On the good side at least it happened now while we still have insurance. Next month we wouldn't have AND we will be on the road. But alas it rains on us all the time. Somedays I think I should have had EEYORE tattooed on my leg and not Winnie the Pooh!

Next packing and packing and cleaning. URGGHH I hate this part. I wish I had a pair of ruby slippers. There's no place like Florida, There's no place like Florida. As much as I would miss going to Disneyland and Hollywood I would like to be sipping a Bahama Mama overlooking my lake view at the moment and not up to my eyes in chaos!!! But the girls would be terribly disappointed.


  • At 2:48 AM HST, Blogger Ellen said…

    You are a wonderful person.

    You certainly have challenges but have enormous strength to make things happen. While Eeyore is absolutely adorable albeit with a doom and gloom perspective on life, you are proactive and accomplish huge feats. Eeyore would not have had the courage and fortitude to fight the U.S. Army and find the best doctor for Carlyanne. Give yourself a great big hug.

    Sorry about the M&M - OUCH, what a stumbling block! Root canal? I hope you're out of pain soon. Stuff happens to everyone; perhaps somedays it just feels like it all hits you.

    You set your goal to get to Florida and are putting everything in place to make that happen. We in Florida are ready to welcome you with open arms. Wishing you godspeed.

    Keep on bloggin'! :-)

  • At 3:29 AM HST, Blogger Shannon said…

    I think any A1C in the 7's is great for a kid.

    Boy, when it rains it pours. Soon you'll be at your home in FL, unpacking and getting everything cozy and comfy for you and your family.

  • At 7:53 AM HST, Blogger Vivian said…

    How awful that you have all these stumbling blocks, how much more wonderful it will be when you are finally in Florida. We will be praying for the new endo. I absolutely understand, I cried when we had to say goodbye to the clinic and endo in CO but the one we have now, although not the same, we really like. I am sure we will start to build a bond in time as will your family.
    Keep on plugging we all are along the route cheering you on.


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