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Friday, December 30, 2005

Some facts about Hawaii from a "island feverish" woman

I thought in reflecting on some of my posts since I began my blog that some of you may wonder how in the world I could not like living in Hawaii. Or paradise as many call it. I thought that tonight I would let you all in on some facts of living in Hawaii you may not know. I too once dreamed of coming here. I would look at the ad for the Hale Koa resort. A military resort on Waikiki. I would just drool over sitting by that pool, sipping a Mai Tai ( I found out that Lava Flows are way better) Admittingly when the plane landed I was in paradise. Our first glimpse of the island was on Schofield Barracks which lies in the mountains in the central northern part of the island. It was beautiful. My first drive around the island, seeing the pacific ocean and its aqua green waters was breath-taking. Oh and the weather here is beautiful year-round. In fact this week alone is to be 84 by day and 65 by night. I have gotten to live out my day dream of that pool at Hale Koa. Military members can use the facilities even if we are not guests. The pool-side drink service tops out my fantasies of Waikiki and the beach and ocean are yards away from the pool. So why do I whine and dream of the mainland. Florida instead of Hawaii? Most people spend their life savings for a week here. Well here are some facts of Hawaiian living strictly from a military wife who loves road trips:

1. There are no road trips. The island is smaller than RI and its about 2 hours all the way around. 3 if you get stuck in traffic. I miss those days of hopping in the car and driving. Going new places, change of scenery and such. I miss overnight trips. Ok I could have gotten a room in Waikiki at any time BUT I could not see spending over $100 a night to stay 20 mins from home.
2. I live in military housing. NOT paradise. It is old, old housing. But we are lucky. I know families who have had the upstairs apartment fall into theirs. Or who have fallen themselves through to the frist floor. Or had rats in their yard because they live near the pineapple fields. I get to live in an extinct volcanic crater but I am in a single story and have surdy floors!
3. Everything is SO expensive. But I am sure you have all heard of that. We do have the commissary thankfully. Otherwise milk is $9 a gallon and cereal $7 a box. (I am not joking!)
4. They do not really meet you at the airlines with Lei's. It is only in the commercials. NO hula dancers either.
5. Beaches are nice BUT there are box-jelly fish warnings twice a month around the full moon. Plus dangerous surf in the winter. I am not a big salt-water swimmer anyway. We watch reports every night of poor tourists who ventured out into the water despite the warnings. Hey if I paid thousands to be here I might risk a jelly fish bite or a few big waves to get my monies worth. By the way the waves will be 25+ feet tomorrow. Great for watching.
6. Most of Oahu isn't even Hawaiians. Many different cultures. Which can be very nice but if you are expecting the images in the brochures it ain't happening. Maybe at the fakey luaus though.
7. Most of the locals do not care for the military so that in itself makes it hard here. I do like to go to Waikiki to be a tourist. Thats where you are treated very well. So if you come here just stay in the Waikiki/Honolulu area and it will be great.
8. It took us 2 years to learn how to pronounce the street names. try this one LIKELIKE Hwy. If you said (lik,lik with a long I sound you are wrong. It is leekay,leekay.) Or NUUANU. That one is (new-oo-on-oo). There are harder ones but you get the point.
9. I am not a fan of SPAM. Hawaiians love it. In fact spam,eggs and rice is a big hit for breakfast here. McDonalds even serves it.
10. FEET. I am not a big fan of seeing everyone's feet. Especially men's feet. There are a rare few people in the world that you would want to have to see their feet. I have seen enough ugly feet for a lifetime! Everyone wears flip-flops. Or as they are called here SLIPPAHS. They bike in them, run in them (which should really be an olympic event.) they come in high-heeled versions. I even had a hearing for SSI when we got here and the judge was wearing an aloha shirt and flip-flops with his black robe!!!
11. Crime, Crime, Crime!! They have a big crystal-meth problem here. Lots of cars stolen all the time. Left burned out on the side of the road. Many, many homeless live on the beaches and in the parks. Unfortunately many are on drugs. There are violent crimes every day in the news.
12. TRAFFIC. Every where you go all times of day. Lots of accidents and very bad drivers.

So island living hasn't quite suited us. I do resolve this year to whine less about where I am living. Ok especially since I am getting my wish of going to Florida. A dream that has taken us 6 years to achieve. But our adventure here in Hawaii hasn't been all bad. I would recommend a vacation here. Just come with lots of cash and stay in the tourist areas.


  • At 7:23 AM HST, Blogger Vivian said…

    Wow, good information to know. I guess it is not the best environment to want to raise your kids huh? What a special opportunity that you have had to teach your kids about the differences in people and cultures but I can see why you might want to be mainland. I really hope it is all you are looking forward to.


  • At 4:24 AM HST, Blogger Shannon said…

    It's sort of like NY...it's a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there.

  • At 2:46 PM HST, Blogger Ellen said…

    Thanks for the description.

    FYI I live in Florida, have ugly toes, and own 2 pairs of socks. I wear open toe shoes all the time. ;-)

  • At 7:22 AM HST, Blogger julia said…

    I live in Massachusetts and go barefoot most of the year - indoors when there's a foot of snow on the ground, like there is now! My feet are never going to win any beauty contests. :D

    I'd heard a lot of the same stuff about Hawaii. I also hear horror stories about bugs. That alone would make me not want to live there.

    I must be weird because I'd love to live in NY, Shannon....

  • At 8:38 AM HST, Blogger SUPERMOM said…

    To all who think you have ugly feet, they cannot be worse than I have seen. I think it's not the feet as much as people here don't seem to like to keep their shoes on. Example; At the movies they have their feet up on the chairs, shoes thrown off on the ground etc. But sorry if I offended anyone. I don't have the best feet either and I do wear sandals but I keep them on in public places.

    Julia, I lived in upstate NY and loved it there. Very cold but very nice. Watertown. Syracuse and west of there was great too. Just too cold to go back to.

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